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Encompassed by the splendid view of Tai Tam Bay, this 3000 sq.ft private house conjures serenity and approachable elegance with humble panache and attention to details. In our design philosophy, when it comes to creating a well-balanced and harmonious home vibe, it is all about layering and integration of natural palette materials and colours. The rich dark tone of the floor is exceptionally striking; it has been balanced with a generous amount of white space throughout the house; while the utilisation of light oak wood panelling and cabinets also harmonised the salient flooring. A peppering of black and grey accents jazzed up the weighty dark wood tone, and the incorporation of mirror stainless steel enhanced reflections and spaciousness; amplifying the connotation and statement of design refinement. Moving on to the bathroom, the trendy and alluring terrazzo tiles are complemented with dashes of solid grey elements, expressing the design aesthetics of modernity and style.

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