About Us

CCS, an award-winning interior design studio based in Hong Kong, specialises in space creation for luxury residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Led by the 40 under 40 best interior designer award recipient, Clement Cheng, our extensive portfolio of projects ranges in scales and typologies throughout the Asia-Pacific region, such as high-end houses, apartments, show flats and hotels. We dedicate to offer bespoke and exquisite interior designs for our discerning clients, creating distinguishable spaces with depth and class.

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Design Aesthetics and Sophistication

Our volatile modern aesthetics strive for sophistication and perfection that embraces innovative concepts. Each design encompasses bespoke and couture craftsmanship refined in great detail, to create a one-of-kind visual identity for our clientele.

User Experience

The functionality of space has always been the core of our design philosophy; we reinvent spatial experience to cater to our individual clients' needs. User engagement is stimulated by devising a cosy and cordial environment for our clients to interact with space.

Artistic Lifestyle

We endeavour to elevate ordinary spaces by bringing in tasteful new forms, textures and patterns; and bringing out the pleasant savour of lifestyle. An artistic lifestyle is essentially the seamless integration of aesthetics into everyday life.

Timeless Sensibility

With our timeless design sensibility to space creation, each interiors' purity and simplicity could be refined and accentuated. Sleek modernity balanced the splashes of bespoke signature elements, ensuring the enduring allure of spaces.