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Situated in the heart of Wan Chai, Burlington Hotel is a chic, boutique hotel with accommodations ranging from 11 to 25 square meters, where the petite rooms certainly pose the biggest challenge for this project. Working closely with the hotel operator, the design process began with careful planning and configuration of the furniture layout, effectively using every millimeter of each room efficiently whilst achieving a sense of spaciousness for guests.

The design concept of Burlington Hotel is to achieve modernity and comfort within the maximum room size of 25 square meters based on the interplay of linearity and harmony through the use of colours and materials. Curvilinearity is consistently emphasised throughout the interior, with rounded corners from wall to ceiling creating a stylish atmosphere and providing a user-friendly and safe environment in small spaces.  The moment stepping into the hotel, guests will find themselves walking above the contoured, contrasted marble floor and under the curvilinear profiled ceiling with lit acrylic tubes, mimicking the quiet night sky filled with glittering stars. A mixture of curved design features not only enhance the harmonic atmosphere, but also represents the unique, fluid lifestyle of people in Wan Chai and Hong Kong, under a fast-moving, vibrant setting.  A combination of all the interior elements will leave every hotel guest with a memorable experience in this Asia World City where size does matter.

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