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This young and chic abode is concocted of contemporary design that uses clean lines and accentuates modern flair. We carried the aesthetic inside with extensive use of natural wood wall panelling, which seems to add a touch of warmth that soothes the colour contrasts and make the residence cosier. In addition to the wall panelling, the sleek full-height wood cabinetry also facilitates the simplicity of this minimal living room, adding modern accents and richness to the palette.  

The modern aesthetics are also established in the sunroom, where a collection of modern sofas and occasional chairs embody the residence’s penchant for contemporary notes; while the indoor living area and the outdoor garden area are both, physically and visually, conjoined by the sunroom. Comfortable home design elements fill the space, with emphasises in particular attention to lighting effect, the composition of spaces, and tranquillity of colours and materials, we endeavour to craft chic simplicity in this modern dwelling.

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