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The design of the family apartment is based on a palette of natural colours and unique textures, forms and patterns to foster a calm mood yet unique experience. Examples include a Poltrona Frau partition to set apart the foyer and living area, a bespoke leather art wall panel to serve as the backdrop of the music corner, the dark charcoal grey display unit with floral decorations to provide contrast between the living and dining area. Throughout the home, the white oak features across the floors with textured rugs to create a warm, welcoming, and inviting setting.  To provide a safe environment for the three young children to run around the apartment freely, nearly all sharp corners have been designed to become round.  In addition to its safety aspect, the interior design has featured a round full height crystal-clear glass to the kitchen wall to provide the aesthetical point of interests, and to increase the sense of spaciousness and depth. The curves in the apartment bring and elevate the sense of comfort, creativity, and visual impression of the space.


One of the challenges for this project is to create a stylish, refined apartment with adequate storage to keep everything clutter-free. Storage is also an important design criterion for any family apartment, where the floor plan incorporates a lot of storage. Yet these storages have taken in the form of hidden cabinets fully integrated into the walls to established refined and amalgamated wall design. Details include unique art glass, customized integrated pull handles, etc, have added and merged with the walls and cabinet doors to add sophistications to the overall design.  

The result is the bringing together of a space that conjoin design, details and craftsmanship, exhibiting the use of unique materials and natural colours and filling the space with depth and texture.

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