Project Image

Our design solution for this triplex was to retain elegance as the backbone of our design framework while injecting refreshing modern elements in the details. Elements like moulding, borders and classical patterns embodied the essence of simple classical style. Its elegance is then, accentuated via the use of bespoke materials like the handcrafted wallpaper, back-lit marble walls and wooden flooring in ogee patterns. Then, we balance the placid elegance with a breeze of youthfulness through the use of more refreshing colours, materials and details. For instance, turquoise and blue are used to brighten up the neutral colour palette to create the impression of a stylish, contemporary home. Such colour tone is intended to conjure up bracing vibes of the triplex's panoramic harbour view as well.

On top of fulfilling our client’s needs, we are also dedicated to ensuring our design’s sustainability. Layout configuration with passive designs is adopted to guarantee a green lifestyle in the triplex. With elaborated maximisation of natural lighting and wind breeze, the use of artificial lighting and ventilation is minimised. The collision of multiple styles in our design was gracefully balanced with our persistence in refining details. Such effort in mingling the old and the new, classical and modern, has eventually established a unique and bespoke style of its own. 

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