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Located in the newly developed business district of Quanzhou, we propose the lobby design not only to create space, but to create art through spaces.  So when the building users and guests enter the entrance lobby, they will feel like they have physically experienced through an oversized art installation.


Collaborating with artist from Korea Daun Jeong, art installations and paintings are considered as decorations adding character to spaces.  In this project, we propose to incorporate these art installations and paintings into the interior spaces, striving to create an artsy environment and even a new photographic hotspot. The main design concept proposed for the lobby is to highlight with colors, curve shapes, and lightweight materials. The interior background space will be minimalistic and white, providing a simple yet modern setting for colorful art installations to be incorporated into interior design. Colorful, modern, and free-form, furniture and lighting fixtures will be used to further enhance the sophistications to the interior design, elevation the experience to another level.

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